Neymar Jr. forward a rude response to Fabio Aurelio

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Neymar Jr., Paris Saint-Germain forward A rude response to Fabio Aurelio, a former Liverpool defender. Who criticized him for not being able to get the Ballon d’Or position. If playing in the French Ligue 1, telling him to hang up his boots and walk away to kick the ball is better.

Aurelio has criticized the Brazilian youngster for not shining at his full potential at Parc des Princes and having little success in carrying the team.  

Troubled, the 30 -year -old shooting star came out to the night. He was completely bored with the former players who hit the eloquence to keep themselves in the flow.

“ I’m tired of the former player. Open your mouth and talk about dogs , ” Neymar responded to the Instagram story and UFABET ONLINE.

“ Sit for 5 minutes in an interview and all he has to say is all about other people’s lives. ” 

“ If you want to criticize , get it, but it’s unacceptable to talk like this. ” 

Neymar’s performance this season has been really disappointing. That with 24 games played in all competitions with 11 goals , six assists, and his off-field lifestyle is more focused on lounging.