Potatoes are (really) not villains.

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The fact that we are familiar with potatoes chips in the form of a famous brand of crunchy snacks. Or sliced ​​potatoes called french fries. It is a potato that is cooked by frying (or baking in butter). Including flavoring with various seasonings. If we consume large amounts without control It may become a health problem such as obesity from trans fats. Abnormal liver function or the risk of chronic non-communicable diseases caused by fat. Such as diabetes, high blood pressure ischemic heart coronary artery fat clogged arteries.

As for various seasonings. That we use to add flavor to chips such as salt, various seasonings. All have salty flavors. Such as BBQ flavor, cheese flavor, pizza flavor, paprika flavor or even mayonnaise that is used as a dip. (What we call cheese dip) is sweet and salty. The key ingredient is rich in fat, sugar and sodium (salt) would not be good for the body risk of obesity and kidney disease UFABET

Therefore, be careful when eating potatoes. You should pay more attention to potatoes cooked by frying method because they are quite high in fat and sodium. therefore should eat in moderation Or put in an oil-free fryer if you want to eat fried. And people with underlying diseases should be careful when eating.

Therefore, if you really want to get the benefits of potatoes. Should pay attention to the cooking method, choose boiling, baking or putting it in a fryer without oil. Instead of frying or baking butter And avoid high-fat, salty condiments if you want them to have flavor. I try to use as little as possible. will be more beneficial to health